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The Smell

You smell the bubbling liquid. That's all there is to it. You just sniff it a little.

We're Back!

Back and better than ever! Tweet directions to @edgardpodcast.

The Story Thus Far

A compilation of the first 14 episodes. When mom asks, "what's going on with that Edgard?" You can send her this one.

The Experiment

Why read the notes when you can just start something on fire?

The Desk

Go check out the desk. Just do it. It's probably fine.

The Hatch

Back up the stairs to see what all the hatch-fuss is about.

The Step

You take two steps forward. Then two steps back. We come together because opposites attract.

The Staircase

You are the master of stairs...

BONUS - Your Current Position

Just to catch you up on where our hero stands. Don't forget to tweet @edgardpodcast with instructions for our brave hero.

The Skeleton

Ms. Skeleton offers more questions than answers, but at least you get a sweet helmet in this one!

The Spider

You engage in some accidental combat with a tiny foe and gain an enemy for life.

The First Floor

A short summary of the first floor of The Forgotten Tower.

The Message

Now you're talkin' to trees...

The Tree

Time to get off your ass, Edgard.

The Door

The adventure continues and you encounter The Door. Tweet Edgard's next move to @edgardpodcast.

The Field

The adventure begins and you encounter The Tower. Tweet Edgard's next move to @edgardpodcast.